Accelerate your career in clinical research.

Get a head start on your career in clinical research with our unique, online and in-clinic training program in Atlanta, GA.

Hours of in-clinic training

  Atlanta, GA

Prepare for a variety of roles

Our trainees gain the skills to enter into numerous career paths:
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Assistant
  • Regulatory Specialist
Train in-person at Rare Disease Research, LLC, a state of the art clinical research facility in Atlanta, Georgia

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How We're Different

Flexible course schedule

Online content can be completed on your own time, and clinical hours can be scheduled around your other responsibilities. 

Real-world, hands-on experience

Learn directly from professionals, work with patients, and practice your skills. 

Interactive online modules

Our online content combines videos, discussion boards, quizzes, and links to other online content

Direct mentorship 

Get career advice and direct access to one-on-one support from successful clinical research professionals!

Accessible pricing

Other training programs cost $10,000+! Our program is priced to accommodate individuals from a variety of career stages.

Supportive learning community

Participate in online discussion boards about course content, share thoughts and ideas with your peers, and get help with your studies. 
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